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North and South American indian music and instruments come together in these beautiful contemporary CDs. Wuauquikuna are a group of indigenous musicians who celebrate the similarities of the northern and southern cultures in their music: shared beliefs about love and Mother Earth (Pachamama); rituals and ceremonies with similar meanings; and a shared religious, cultural and magical importance of music and dance in both cultures.

Centuries ago, the ancestors foretold of the dawn of a better future time when the eagle of North America and the condor of South American would one day fly together again. Wuauquikuna's music, a delightful fusion of the two cultures with native and present day instruments, is part of that vision.....

Charles Littleleaf

Charles Littleleaf's mastery of the Native American flute takes us through a doorway into an ancient, simpler world. Drawing from ancestral traditions and the inspiration of nature, this collection of beautiful and entrancing music combines the enchanting sounds of native musical instruments with the solitude of earth, sky and the gifts of nature. Littleleaf has grounded his beautifully melodic, healing flute playing within the essence of Mother Earth, and from memories of life growing up on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Oregon, and from these spiritually awakening experiences has emerged his traditional style of heartfelt music.

Sequoia Crosswhite

Sequoia Crosswhite is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, and a descendent of Chief War Eagle and Chief Swift Cloud. He is an accomplished musician, grass dancer and historian, and his handmade flutes and musical recordings uphold the traditions of his Lakota ancestors. Much of his music is a fusion of hip-hop, rock, and lyrics about Indian heritage and contemporary life. Wagnuka Olowan (Woodpecker Song), his first album, highlights the Native American flute and it's connection with nature, and is a mix of contemporary and traditional sounds.

Sequoia is also a tour guide, whose trips include historic and traditional stories along with flute and traditional songs. Please contact us for more details.