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The philosophy of our Native American programme can be explained in two parts. Firstly we are committed to supporting Native American tourism projects and initiatives where the Indian people have chosen what they want to share and how they want to share it. These are individual, family, clan and tribal initiatives, and this tourism often has a spiritual centre. It also enables more tourism income to stay in the hands of native people rather than, as is usually the case, just with the communities bordering the reservations.
The second aspect of our philosophy is that we aim to cater for the traveller who wants a fulfilling, unforgettable and enjoyable experience from a holiday; but also wishes to experience something that is meaningful, perhaps even spiritual, for that person. Adventure and cultural trips that get you deep into Indian country, but also give you magic and inspiration that take you deeper inside.
Our trips include cultural presentations and cross-cultural exchange, and visits with Indian guides to places of special importance and significance to the tribes. They mostly include adventure activities with native guides such as half and full-day hikes, horseback rides and river trips; some of these are optional and can be substituted for other activities. In most itineraries, accommodation is in hotels — tribally owned where possible — and for a very memorable experience the occasional night is spent in a hogan or tipi. Some itineraries involve a few days of very well-supported camping, or homestay with a native family.
Wherever possible, our itineraries aim to get you off the beaten path, deep into Indian country, camping and exploring on foot, on horseback, or by river, minimising use of motorised vehicles. In these circumstances, learning about your hosts’ culture, history and spirituality is beautifully informal: shared in the saddle, on the trail, on the riverbank, round the campfire, under the stars.

We hope you find that our itineraries offer the kinds of adventures you have been looking for. They cover some of the many places and activities our Indian friends would like to share with you.
If you would like us to put together a special itinerary for you, perhaps for a different date, budget, or with a different combination of places or activities, please let us know. Note that we can cater for individuals as well as groups, so please enquire if you would like an individual tailor-made itinerary.
And if you would like to visit a tribe not included in our enclosed programmes, please bear in mind that we probably have the contacts to arrange a special trip for you.